Aug 3 5-6pm: Butterfly Kisses. Art Exhibit with Jane Tate

Please share with us – “Butterfly Kisses” – an exhibit featuring Jane Tate’s recent paintings. The mostly imaginary landscapes she does with many shapes and sizes of brushes in Pelican Ink and pastel. Her brush “dancing” on her work table are in time sinc with Waves Dancers (9-12:30PM) at Fusion on Sunday mornings.

Some reveal her connection with the Solar Eclipse that she and her son Chris viewed from the Oregon State College in Madrid, OR – a truly unique and petent experience. All show her varied and affirmed long-life-time of visual art experience and production. Residing in Olympia brings her fulfillment in so many ways.

Her display begins with an Aug 3rd 5 to 6PM reception. Come and meet the artist. The show extends until Sept 1st.