Kuretake Bimoji Felt Tip Brush Pen

Bimoji means Beautiful Letter in Japanese. These fine brushes from Kuretake replicate the weight and feel of traditional Japanese painting brushes but with a modern twist. They feature plastic bodies resembling wood, black rubber grips and have tips made of felt.


Jacquard Pinata Colors

Piñata Colors are beautiful, highly saturated, acid-free and transparent.* Alcohol-based and moisture resistant when dry, Piñata Colors work well on practically any clean surface, from glass to plastic, polymer clay to metal.

Glass, metal, plastic, clay, vinyl, polymer, ceramic, YUPO, foil, leather, paper, wood, encaustics and more

Trekell brushes are made in USA, high quality artist grade at an unbeatable price! used by professional artists worldwide. Here is a statement by just one of those artists:

“The Legion Synthetic Mongoose series are a fantastic set of brushes.  From flat to round and filbert in between, these brushes are versatile and long lasting.  Not only do these smooth bristles make for a soft application, but they have the right amount of resistance that when you apply pressure, they flick back to their original form.  It’s hard to find a brush with both grace and strength, but Trekell hits the mark.” – JACUB GAGNON



The Ahab pen is made of a celluloid derivative and is technically biodegradable and formed from a “renewable resource” even though our resin and our ebonite can last more than a lifetime – as proven by vintage pens long in existence that were stored well. As with all celluloid pens one should NEVER use alcohol or cleaners/rinses that contain alcohols with any celluloid containing pens.  If using “common water” as a rinse is your choice, remember it contains bleach and should never be mixed with ammonia..



A brush pen that uses fountain pen ink! This large black pen has a piston-fill mechanism, and holds a good amount of ink. Replaceable brush tips are available.  Simply amazing!


If you're looking for Italian leather journals with a brand name known by all in the bookbinding industry, Ciak journals are ideal for you. Whether you're someone who loves writing short stories or an artist who loves to doodle, the Ciak journal is a stylish option. These vibrantly colored leather journals are not only a dream to write or draw in, but they are also durable. Ciak journals are handmade in Italy, with quality, durable, and stain resistant leather that stands the test of time.

These Italian leather journals hold their value over time. Constructed by craftsman that understand what it means to be building a Ciak journal, each of these gorgeous notebooks shows its value through the amount of detail in the bookbinding process. With each page of a Ciak notebook, you'll also begin to understand why this Italian bookbinding company still holds the position for being one of the best in the industry.


Midori MD Notebooks open flat thanks to their thread-stitch binding and feature fountain pen ink friendly paper throughout the range.

 The paper is honeyed cream, easy on the eyes, somewhat translucent, crazy smooth, and highly resistant to bleed through. Ink takes a little longer to dry, and will definitely smear for the impatient.  Each notebook comes with a thin velum cover and a colored bookmark string. The notebook is bound by strings so that pages open flat to make writing easier. You can customize your notebook using MIDORI's signature title page. Also each notebook comes with self-adhesive stickers for IDEA, DIARY, and one blank sticker for you to fill in.


“Noodler’s Ink” has the lowest cost per volume in stores that carry it and it’s 100% made in the USA from cap to glass to ink. The ink with the catfish on the label symbolizes a southern sport that attempts to equalize the struggle between man and animal in the quest for a sense of fair play — and thus a fair price.   Noodler’s refuses to manufacture ink cartridges due to the egregious economics these disposable bits of plastic form as an illusion of value until compared with the economics of the glass bottle. The lowest cost cartridge in the world is still several times as costly as our standard bottle by both weight and volume as well as various dye value measures! In addition, each cartridge is DISPOSABLE..which undermines a key advantage of the fountain pen – its inherently refillable design saves both economic value and is environmentally sound as well as enabling its utility to be far more vast than any other writing instrument as it can utilize hundreds of different inks – whereas cartridges are limited to one ink per cartridge! Cartridges rob one of many of the fundamental economic and utilitarian advantages of the fountain pen.


Inspired by the vanishing sub-genre of agricultural memo books, ornate pocket ledgers and the simple, unassuming beauty of a well-crafted grocery list, the Draplin Design Company of Portland, Oregon in conjunction with  of Chicago, Illinois bring you “FIELD NOTES” in hopes of offering, “An honest memo book, worth fillin’ up with GOOD INFORMATION.”


The comprehensive MOLOTOW™ marker range belongs to the best and most reliable on the market. With ONE4ALL as its flagship product-line a pump marker series with a unique, high-coverage, solvent-free, acrylic-based hybrid-paint and patented capillary system. 


M. Graham chooses to build their oil paint with walnut oil because its unique refractive index and non-yellowing nature produces color that is more naturally alive and brilliant. In addition walnut oil allows  the increase in the amount of pigment in each color, resulting in extraordinary richness, color saturation, brilliance and tinting strength. 


Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolors are offered in more than 200 colors, with more in the works every year. The sheer range of possibility they offer is endless and unparalleled in the industry. Made by hand, in the USA.


Palomino luxury notebooks are the perfect creative companion for aspiring artists, writers, musicians and anyone seeking a more effective way to bring ideas to life. Each notebook features 160 pages of acid-free, 90 GSM paper and a hardbound cover.

Tastefully designed to combine modern technology, premium materials and traditional artisanship perfected by generations of Turkish printers and book binders, these notebooks have the look and feel of elegance that has long defined the Palomino brand.

Available in small and medium sizes and with ruled or plain paper.


My paints are made by hand, using techniques which date back to the days of the Old Masters. There is a very simple reason for this painstaking process. As an artist and painter I wanted to create colours that were true and vibrant, and paint which was beautiful and durable.

The greater the pigment content of a paint the greater the resistance it has to fading. Nearly all manufacturers use various fillers to extend the volume of the oil paint. It may increase profits but it compromises on quality. I totally refuse to do this. Why make something exceptional and then dilute it?

I will not claim that my paints will turn you into a great painter, but I can promise they will have a profound effect on your work. Your colours will be stronger and richer, and you will find the texture of the paint incomparable. You will love working with them.

Try them. You will be amazed!

-Michael Harding


Maimeri Acrilico colors are dense and highly workable with a brush, making them very easy to use. Due to their excellent price to quality ratio, these colors are an excellent choice for both professional and hobby artists as well as students. The characteristic viscosity of Acrilico colors derives from a special ultra-pure acrylic resin that makes this product ideal even for impasto techniques. The 48 colors of the range are vivid and bright with clean tones. Each color is made with top-quality pigments that are carefully ground, dispersed and stablized to obtain intense bright hues. Once dry, Acrilico colors exhibit a slight sheen. Scrupulous formulation and and a careful dispersion process result in exceptionally bright and clean secondary colors. All colors are lightfast and non-toxic, and the specially designed Coex plastic tubes are 100-Percent biodegradable.


Connoisseur offers affordable, top quality brushes.  Known worldwide for superior quality and outstanding value, Connoisseur fine artist brushes are hand crafted. Only the best natural hair or synthetic fibers are utilized in the manufacture of this premium line of brushes.

Today, skilled craftsmen make the very best brushes by hand. Connoisseur brush artisans have intensive 7 year training. Attention to detail is evident in the spectacular quality. With proper care of the brushes, they will last a lifetime.

"Our premium quality Connoisseur brushes are guaranteed against all defects in craftsmanship."



Top-of-its class performance, reduced environmental impact and excellent durability. 

Thick, opaque, permanent marks are streak-free and UV resistant. Marks on metals, plastics, wood, glass, stone, canvas and more.


ShinHan TOUCH TWIN Markers

Designed for detailed work, TOUCH TWIN markers from ShinHan feature an advanced alcohol-based ink formula that ensures rich color saturation and coverage, with silky ink flow. 

TOUCH TWIN markers are available in two double-ended styles: Chisel Tip has a broad chisel on one end and a fine bullet nib on the other; Brush Tip features a flexible fiber brush nib and a medium chisel tip for a wide range of strokes, from fine lines to wide color fills.  Available in 204 vibrant colors and a convenient colorless blender, ShinHan TOUCH TWIN Art Markers and Sets are perfect for fine arts, graphic designers, comic artists and more!


Sketch Markers come in all 358 colors. The replaceable Super Brush nib acts like a paintbrush in both feel and application. Sketch Markers feature refillable ink and optional nibs and are compatible with the Copic Airbrush System

Replace your nibs for a lifetime of use from your Sketch Markers.    Pair replaceable nibs with the Various Ink refill system, and you never need to throw your Sketch Markers away. Sketch Markers feature the popular, flexible Super Brush nib and the Medium Broad nib, with an additional Medium Round nib also available.

Jacquard Textile Color

The go-to, industry standard for professional-quality fabric paints, Textile Colors leave your fabric as soft as possible and stand up exceptionally well to washing. Applied straight from the bottle, the color is intense and semi-opaque. Add up to 25% water to increase transparency and reduce viscosity, or mix with Colorless Extender #100 to achieve any degree of transparency without affecting viscosity. Mix with White #123 for pastels. Textile Colors are washable and colorfast on natural and synthetic fabrics.

Natural and synthetic fabrics, leather, wood, canvas, paper and more!


Founded 1994 by a group of paints industry innovators from Barcelona Spain, began the path to create a company by doing what their successors at Montana Colors S.L. still do, listen to their customers. The feedback they received was that brand after brand of aerosol paints lacked consistency, color range, and difficultly in its control. Their answer was to create a product specific with these key issues in mind.

The spirit of innovation, determination and commitment to quality manifested itself in the creation of the original product Hardcore™. This decorative coating for art, home, and industrial use is still one of our staple products that continues to be improved with each year.  

Montana Colors has consistently set the benchmark for all “artist” paints and boutique brands to try to match. Today Montana Colors serves a global market in over 70 countries from their 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in Barcelona Spain where each can is still filled and sealed by hand, setting a level of quality that is still unmatched to this day.


The only storage/display book of its kind! Accept no imitations! The original Itoya Art Profolio is a completely acid-free through its polypropylene, PVC-free construction and quality crafted, black acid-free mounting paper provided in each page. Archival safe for all your art storage needs. Great for storing photographs and film of all sizes. Top-loading, clear polypropylene sheets will not stick to copier toner and is also ideal for storing a vast array of artwork and memory projects.

Pilot Parallel Pens

A breakthrough in calligraphy pen design, this pen features a nib that consists of two parallel plates, allowing the writer to produce lines sharper than existing calligraphy pens. Ink cartridges can be switched in the pen to create gradated color lines and mixed colors. Each set comes with a Parallel Pen, one black and one red ink cartridge, a converter to clean the pen and a nib cleaner. This calligraphy pen is refillable. .

  • Major breakthrough in calligraphy pen design!
  • The Parallel Pens come in four nib widths, each packaged separately: 1.5 mm, 2.4 mm, .38 mm and 6.0 mm
  • Unique parallel plate structure achieves a more beautiful and sharper handwriting than existing calligraphy pens
  • Mixable colors-simply touch the nibs of two Parallel Pens together to create beautiful color graduations
  • Refillable with Parallel refill-single color (boxes of 6 ea.) or assorted box of 12

*Cap color indicates point size, not ink color


Features Bright Silky Scratch Resistant Metal Body Due To Pearl Processing Treatment.
Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. released a new PLAISIR Fountain Pen model this summer.
A new, refurbished cap, which prevents ink from drying, enables smooth writing even after no use for a whole year.
Everyone has experienced the inconvenience being unable to use a ballpoint pen after a long period of no usage. 
This is especially problematic for fountain pens, for which daily usage is usually recommended. The new PLAISIR model solves this problem by using a newly designed structure inside the cap, which a year experiments has shown prevents ink from drying. 
Moreover, this cap reduces ink loss by evaporation. We recommend the new PLAISIR Fountain Pen to those people hesitant to use existing fountain pens because of their ink -drying problems. The PLAISER Fountain Pen is suitable for everyday usage as well as occasional usage.
The outside body is made of aluminum and has a superior shiny finish due to its special anodized coating. The body is available in seven different colors and the pen point is available in two sizes--fine and medium.